Computer Basics – Its very important to back up your data

A computer repair shop can retrieve or do a data recovery for you, but you need to protect your files and data. What do you do if your computer crashes, or your hard disk dies? Are all your important files and documents totally lost?

Not so if you always find time and exert effort to back up your key files and data on a regular basis. The easiest way to do this is by connecting an external hard disk drive to your computer. Get a big enough external hard disk drive (200GB or larger), and you can copy your entire hard disk to that new external drive provided it has larger capacity. Then, if your system ever crashes, you can restore your backed-up files from the external drive to your computer’s system unit.

External hard drives can be purchased for as little as $120 and are easy to connect via either USB or FireWire. You can also use the proprietary backup software that comes with most external hard drives, or use Vista’s Windows Backup utility. Whichever program you use, you should back up your data at least weekly, if not daily. That way you won’t lose much fresh data if the worst happens.

Computer repairs will definitely be able to recover your lost file and data but it will be very costly, recovering your lost data is a highly specialized service, people think its just one of those normal computer repairs, but it requires specialised skills and specialised equipment.